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  • started in 2015

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Action 3 - Study of agronomic performance and physicochemical quality of vegetable crops in agroforestry

Understanding the behavior of market gardening crops cultivated in agroforestry systems is important for finding the optimal conditions for sustainable market gardening.

How and to what extent does agroforestry affect the agronomic performance and nutritional quality of vegetables? Can we improve these performances by varietal selection?

To answer this question : Two crops are mainly targeted because of their difference in ecophysiology: tomatoes and lettuces.

Each year and in each of the treatments presented in Action 1, we monitor growth, development, yield, and commercial quality of each of these vegetables. Since 2018, the carrot is also studied, and a participatory varietal selection of two tomato varieties was launched in collaboration with the INRA UMR BAGAP and the project's farmers.

Camille Béral, Ambroise Martin-Chave and Sébastien Dulieu, from Agroof, are monitoring the growth of tomatoes in the “Terres de Roumassouze”.
Pierrick Gouhier, from Agroof, during the growth monitoring of lettuces in the Terres de Roumassouze.
Denis Florès and Guilhem Heranney, monitoring tomatoes growth and development in 2014.
Lettuces growth monitoring by Sonia Guerin at her own farm, “la ferme du Boulidou”.
  • Report on the impact of trees and their management on growth and crop development.
  • An enhanced dynamic for tomatoes varietal selection.
  • The creation of a tomato growth model under agroforestry systems.