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  • en 2018


Action 5 - Evaluation of the technico-economic performance of market gardening agroforestry systems

At the field scale, combining trees and vegetables involves costs and investments in planting and maintenance, while changing the performance of systems and diversifying production. Moreover, beyond the field scale, agroforestry should be reasoned at the farm level in order to optimize their impact on the decision-making, technical and socio-economic systems of farms.

What is the impact of agroforestry on the technical, socio-economic and agronomic functioning of vegetable farms?

To answer this question : We work at the farm level to :

  • Study the organization of the production system and cropping systems
  • Study the organization of the work of the production system and the interactions between market gardening and tree management
  • Study the economic profitability of production systems
  • Identify the management rules and decision rules of the systems
Farm "La ferme du Boulidou"
Farm "Le jardin d'Odile"
Farm "Terres de Roumassouze"
  • A detailed understanding of the functioning of the systems of the three market gardeners involved in the project through a socio-technical and economic assessment.
  • Study of the socio-economic performances of these systems.
  • Proposals for innovative and successful agroforestry scenarios.